The observatory in Matarrana aims to be the focal point of all activities related to the landscape.
The Observatory task has been focused in collecting studies and reports related to landscape from local administration (landscape maps, regional planning guidelines, Landscape Charter, abandoned crop mapping and priority areas recovery , etc .)

The Observatory is also coordinating the project “Volunteers Matarrana” and the pilot actions.

In particular, the following actions have been performed with the landscapes volunteer groups:

• “Ecoparty” in Monroyo, with the participation of more than 150 schoolchildren. The topic was environmental activity for schoolchildren.

• Workshop “Awareness and volunteers’ formation” was organized in different municipalities of the “Comarca del Matarrana/Matarranya”: Cretas, Valderrobres, Beceite, La Portellada, Monroyo and Mazaleon.

During the project the following pilot actions have been performed:
• Urban areas: Recovery of abandoned dumps located near urban centres and planting vegetation with native species (in Arens de Lledo, La Portellada, Valderrobres and Penarroya de Tastavins)

• Agricultural landscape: Recovery of abandoned agricultural plots for recovery of agricultural landscape and forest fire prevention (in Valderrobres, Cretas, Rafales, Calaceite and Valdeltormo)

• River landscape: Recovery of the riparian forest, revegetation of the slopes and river banks, restoration of heritage elements and creation of viewpoints into the river landscape (interpretation panels), in Torre del Compte and Rafales.

• Natural landscape: Performance of specific actions to maintain small heritage (gravestones, waterwheel, trough …) in Calaceite and Cretas, and creation of small paths with information and signalling system and viewpoints on the landscape (in Cretas, Arens de Lledo and Lledo). Planting vegetation with native species to minimize visual impacts in Rafales, Valjunquera and Penarroya de Tastavins.

All these actions, from the definition to their implementation, are coordinated by the Landscape Observatory.